Random Star Wars Humour


Ewoks are scary teddies. Enough said. 

This is SO what I would do…


This is totally a win for me. Love it! 



Hipster Star Wars

Thanks to the folks at http://starwarshipsters.tumblr.com I have a few fair treats for you..cos there’s nothing I love more than bashing a hipster! 

A hipster Chewy?!?! Be still my beating heart…and note the crossbow. Because blasters are too mainstream.

Geek Tyrant ode to Star Wars

Found this awesome set of photos on GeekTyrant.com of Star Wars action figures… all photographs by Avanaut. The Force is Strong with this One!

Here are some of my favourites..but you can see all of them here..and have a look through geektyrant.com in general..pretty cool stuff!