Random Star Wars Humour


Ewoks are scary teddies. Enough said. 

This is SO what I would do…


This is totally a win for me. Love it! 



Hipster Star Wars

Thanks to the folks at http://starwarshipsters.tumblr.com I have a few fair treats for you..cos there’s nothing I love more than bashing a hipster! 

A hipster Chewy?!?! Be still my beating heart…and note the crossbow. Because blasters are too mainstream.


So, Star Wars fans lost their minds when they heard that the Star Wars Blu-Ray collection included a “Noooooo!” from ol’ Vadar during the heated moments in Return of the Jedi. Hard to understand the vehemence when you’re a newbie like me..but I don’t judge.

But, to prove there’s a lighter side to life..here’s a viral parody from Sneaky Zebra. Lols ahoy!

How Online Training Programs could’ve helped Star Wars characters

An infographic by Column Five Media and Mindflash takes a look at how characters from Star Wars could’ve avoided making detrimental mistakes, if they only accessed online training programs on the internet.

A few online courses and tips could’ve helped Grand Moff Tarkin identify the massive weak spot in the Death Star’s construction plans, and Chewbacca to manage his anger problems.

But if these problems were resolved, Star Wars wouldn’t be the classic movie everyone knows of anymore. (via DesignTaxi.com  – full post here)

So,what if Han Solo were a woman???

The whole point of remix is taking a well-known source,sampling it and remixing it with other (equally) recognizable facets of pop-culture and creating an entirely new (and sometimes complimentary and/or purposefully contradictory) narrative.

And on that point; what if we had a gender inversion? Do you fancy the idea of a female Han Solo in a male-dominated matrix of comic book genre heroes?  Or would it be playing into the patriarchy?

Let me know what you think!