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The Original Emperor was a Woman!

Emperor Palpatine was first shown in Ep. V – The Empire Strikes Back in 1980. This was before Ian McDiarmid was cast to play the character in Return of the Jedi and the prequel trilogy. Instead, makeup director Rick Baker dressed up his wife, Elaine Baker, for the part.

In post-production, a chimpanzee’s eyes were superimposed onto Mrs. Baker’s face to make the appearance of the Emperor more unsettling. The voice was provided by a man, veteran voice actor Clive Revill. The scene was later re-shot with McDiarmid and some slightly different dialog for the DVD release, so your best bet to see the original “woman with chimp eyes” Emperor would be on VHS or YouTube.

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Star Wars Yamaha 2.1 Surround Sound System

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Can’t get enough of Star Wars and you feel that you’re the space opera’s number 1 fan on the globe? Well, it would bode you well to check out this Star Wars themed Yamana 200-watt 2.1 surround sound system which was carefully and painstakingly painted by Nub Graffix from the hit reality TV show American Choppers. I woud say that this is more or less an instant classic, where the TIE Fighters come with Yamaha 2.75″ mid-range and 1″ dome tweeters with built-in cross overs.

Apart from that, there is a 6.5″ Yamaha sub-woofer, while the platform from where you control the volume, bass, treble and power, not to mention boasting aux/IPOD input, RCA inputs,and left & right channel outputs that control both TIE Fighters come in the form of the dreaded Death Star. Cue the Imperial March, and a custom made mod like this is definitely not going to come cheap by any means.